The Paw Philosophy

Our pets are not just our four-legged companions, they are our family and best friends. They give and receive never-ending love and affection. We know how special this bond between human and animal is, and understand the importance of giving our loved ones their best, healthiest life.


Who we are

We, Jenni & Peter, founded The Paw Principality, an independent Australian, family owned boutique located just minutes away from Melbourne CBD in 2016, who wanted to create a place for cats & dogs to have a great experience with their owners in. Our boutique is different from most other pets stores. From the welcoming boutique style store, customer service, and amazing products, we are sure you will find something you love as much as we do. 

We specialise in providing natural and holistic solutions and treatments while working with other local and small businesses. Our furry ones are not just pets, but are also family, who are all welcome to visit and check out our hand picked products that are made both locally and internationally. Most our food and treats are made locally in Australia, we love Aussie made products and building up the relationships with like minded small businesses to source the most ethically handmade products, accessories, toys - from Japan, Korea, US, etc for more varieties. 

With our fresh food, which are restaurant and human grade, are sourced from the highest quality of farm fresh certified organic meats that are preservative and chemical free, to naturally dried foods and treats, many of which are sourced locally! We are also big believers of natural supplements and treatments, which you can find a great selection in store and online that we are big believers of.

Another key aspect in our vision is enrichment. And the look of joy in your pets face when they are having a blast playing with toys! You will find many options for dogs, cats, and toys that suit both, that are absolutely adorable and fun! You will surely find something that your furry ones will love… if you don’t keep it for yourselves.

We also absolutely love fashion for furry fashionistas! With a wide range of personally selected fashion forward apparel and accessories, you will soon find your pets having more clothes than you. Including licensed products, and speciality designs made with human grade materials that you will be hard pressed to find anywhere else.

A one stop shop that makes you feel welcomed with alternative products and friendly service that makes you want to plan your next trip as soon as you walk out with your goodies.

Our Quality Products

Here at The Paw Principality, we believe in a healthy and balanced diet, coupled with locally sourced supplements. We pride ourselves on our passion for animal health and well-being. We stock a large range of high quality raw meats and treats (including certified organic options), as well as holistic meals for dogs (consisting of meat protein, fruits, veggies, eggs, etc).

Our selection also includes some of the highest quality, locally owned dry food. Delicious air dried treats are also locally sourced from ethically trading suppliers with no preservatives, no salt, and certainly no chemicals. The pet friendly clothing range is perfect for any fashion forward cat or dog. We provide high quality yet affordable clothing and accessories, including a large range of handmade accessories! Whether you need an outfit for a special event, a costume party, a day at the beach, or if you just want to show a little personality, we’ve got you covered.


For Purpose Products


We are proud to support a range of charities and for purpose product initiatives. If you would like to work with us, please contact us.



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