Eat well, live well

Specialising in raw feeding, certified organic, and locally sourced produce

Certified Organic Human Grade Free Range Ready Meals (with and without Veggies) Air Dried Freeze Dried Treats and much more!

Make Your Beloved Even Cuter!

Make your dapper doggie and cutie kitty look even more cute! Trendy and cute apparel for any occasion, inclusive of locally and hand made! Jackets, Shirts, Jumpers, Socks, Dresses, we got them! Accessories such as Scarfs, Hats, Hair Ties, Hair Clips, and much more.

Why Customers Use Us

Why our customers are as loyal to us as their pets are to them

The Highest Quality Food Products

We stock only the best for your pet when it comes to their food and dietary intake

Completely Unique Product Range

A wide product range consisting of products you won’t find elsewhere

Much Love & Great Service

We love all pets and humans alike and treat each one as special

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