Snoopy Ears


Authentic Japanese licensed Snoopy product!

Super cute hoodie with ears! Check our the secret Snoopy inside the hood.





3S: up to 3kg – Chihuahua, Yorkie, etc

Neck 17cm – 20cm

Chest 27cm – 32cm


S: up to 8kg – Shitzu, Miniature Schnauzer, etc

Neck 26cm – 30cm

Chest 42cm – 48cm


SS: up to 5kg – Toy Poodle, Papillon, etc

Neck 20cm – 25cm

Chest 34cm – 40cm


DSS: up to 3kg – Dachshund, etc

Neck 18cm – 22cm

Chest 30cm – 35cm


DS: up to 5kg – Dachshund, etc

Neck 22cm – 26cm

Chest 35cm – 41cm


SM: up to 13kg – Shiba, Beagle, etc

Neck 31cm – 35cm

Chest 49cm – 55cm


DM: up to 7kg – Dachshund, etc

Neck 26cm – 30cm

Chest 41cm – 47cm

Additional information

S, SM, DM, SS, DSS, DS, 3S


Grey, Lavender


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