Plago Toothpaste 80g


Premium pet toothpaste from Korea featuring an enzyme toothpaste that removes plaque just by applying it for cats and dogs.

  • ‘Plago’ is a healthy way to manage oral cavities.


  • An enzyme toothpaste that removes dental plaque just by applying it. No additional brushing is needed.


  • 10 ingredients to help improve health:
  • Spirulina (a natural blue-green algae) – prevents bad breath and tooth decay.
  • Six plant extracts (aloe vera leaf, licorice root, gold, mycelium, green tea) – whitening, bad breath, antibacterial, immune function
  • Propolis extract – anti-inflammatory effects help prevent inflammation such as periodonitis, periodontitis, etc.
  • Lactobacillus fermenter – helps to produce oral beneficial bacteria.


  • Non synthetic additive chemicals added.


  • Contains hydrolytic enzyme dextranase that decomposes polysaccharide dextranes present in the plaque to remove plaque and prevent cavities.


  • Contains protein-degrading enzyme bromelin, which helps digestion and is effective in removing phlegm by anti-inflammatory action.


  • Unlike abrasive toothpaste, enzyme toothpaste does not have a long shelf life because of the decomposition effect of enzymes that can release the formulation over time.

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