Pidan Insulation Bowl

$29.95 – $39.95

These aesthetic insulation bowls are great for dry or raw food.

You can add cold or hot water inside the (bottom) insulation stand through the nozzle (refer to images)


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Small Bowl 18.6cm × 16.3cm × 8.2cm
Medium Bowl 21.8cm × 19.5cm × 9.2cm
Large Bowl 26.2cm × 23.4cm × 10.1cm
Small Dual Bowls 32.6cm × 16.3cm × 8.2cm
Small Bowl 315g
Medium Bowl 545g
Large Single Bowl 778g
Small Dual Bowls 645g
Do NOT heat it with a microwave oven.
Stainless steel bowl is dishwasher safe.
To avoid burning your pet, do NOT add boiling water directly.
The recommended water temperature is 0c – 40c.
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Small, Medium, Large, Small Dual Bowls


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