Multifunction Dog Ball Launcher


Is your furry friend a fan of fetch? Here’s something to make things easier and fun!

This launcher can be used in more than 1 way:

  • Automatic Retractable Rope Pet Ball
    • Pass the drawstring loop through the place where the molar ball is fixed, clamp one end of the rope to the buckle position of the drawstring loop, and put the other end on the ball launcher and confirm that the rope goes around the middle groove.
  • Without Retractable Rope
    • If you want to throw the ball further, don’t latch the loop onto the launcher. Instead place it into the mould of the ball and ensure it is fully contracted.
  • Ring retractable rope ball (without launcher)
    • Insert your finger through the ring loop of the ball and you can twirl your wrist to throw the ball further easier.

Comes with 1 launcher and 1 molar ball.


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Launcher: 48cm

Ball: 5cm

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Blue, Yellow, Turquoise


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