LickiMat SlowMo


LickiMat Slomo is designed to offer a more natural feeding experience for your pet that features divots and raised bumps that can used to feed dry or wet food.

Mealtime won’t be boring again! The Lickimat SlowMo is an excellent choice as a slow feeder to assist with your furry ones who were vacuums in their past life.

This may also assist in reducing bloating and indigestion.

Encouraging your furry ones to lick the mat stimulates saliva production which can help to protect the health of the teeth and gums as your cat enjoys a delicious and longer-lasting meal.

  • Made from non-toxic, food-grade TPR
  • Suitable for all cats & dogs
  • Stimulates saliva production to protect the teeth and gums
  • Can be used instead of a bowl to slow the eating pace and reduce the risk of bloat or indigestion
  • Suitable for wet, dry, liquid, or spreadable food and treats
  • No raised edge for zero trauma to the whiskers
  • Freezer-safe, dishwasher-safe, and microwave-friendly

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20cm x 20cm

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Green, Orange, Turquoise, Red, Purple


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