Hotapasui – Anti-bacterial spray


100% natural cleaning spray from Japan!

Anti-Bacterial, deodorising, disinfectant and made from scallop shell.

Disinfectant rate of 99% and deodoriser rate of at least 90%!

Great multipurpose product suitable for (but not limited to)

  • moulds in kitchens and bathrooms
  • disinfection and washing of dishes, etc.
  • disinfection and deodorise of kitchen utensils
  • removal of pollen and virus
  • sterilisation and deodorisation of sofas, curtains, stuffed animals, beddings, items that are hard to wash such as toys (including baby toys), etc.
  • toilet, disinfection of pet supplies, deodorant, etc.


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How to use:

Spray from approximately 20cm away from desired location.


water, scallop shell powder


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