Henry Hottie Beds With Sides

We are proud to say that we are the ONLY retailer in Victoria for these fantastic dog beds.

The mattress is removable and slots into the sided accessory for immediate surrounded coziness and neck support. On hot days, you can leave the mattress on a tiled surface and the heat goes through it, not trapping it inside!

Other pawsome features include:

  • Exclusive BIONIC-FINISHECO 100% non-toxic water-repellent application to protect against dirt, dust, and little accidents
  • Plant-derived thermostatic mattress fibres for greater support and durability.
  • Inhospitable to fleas, dustmites, and pests
  • Naturally hydrophobic dual layer mattress to protect against moisture and dampness
  • Support for breeds for up to 35kg


Small $220.00

Medium $250.00

Large $275.00

X-Large $289.00

Available stock will vary.

These beds are available for pick up from our retail store.




Mattress: 70cm x 50cm x 10cm

Bed Set with Sided Accessory: 85cm x 65cm x 22cm


Mattress: 80cm x 60cm x 10cm

Bed Set with Sided Accessory: 95cm x 75cm x 22cm


Mattress: 90cm x 80cm x 10cm

Bed Set with Sided Accessory: 105cm x 95cm x 22cm


Mattress: 110cm x 90cm x 10cm

Bed Set with Sided Accessory: 125cm x 105cm x 22cm


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