FurFresh Meal Balancing Booster 120g


Complete every meal with this nutritional balancing blend of whole food ingredients like chia seeds, turmeric, psyllium husk, maca and more! 120g 30-40 serves. Serve over wet or dry food. Ideal for pet homemade diets or for those who’d like to add more whole food nutrients to their dried foods.

Health Benefits:

  • Shiny coat and soft skin
  • Anti-inflammatory ingredients
  • Aides digestion
  • Noticeable improvements in general health, wellbeing and vitality.

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  • Chia Seeds – packed full of Omega 3 essential fatty acids. protein, iron and calcium. For shiny coats and skin.
  • Turmeric – rich in curcumin which is a powerful anti-inflammatory and rich antioxidant. Wonderful for sensitive pups.
  • Parsley – an excellent source of Vitamins K, C, folate and iron. Great for fresh breath!
  • Psyllium Husk – lots of healthy fibre to keep things regular!
  • Organic Maca Powder – fiber, calcium and magnesium for energy and vitality
  • Barley Grass – one of the most complete nutrient whole foods. High in A and B Vitamins, Chlorophyll and Omega 3.
  • All 100% Human Grade

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