FurFresh Beef Bone Broth Concentrate 350g


This 100% natural grass-fed liquid beef bone broth for dogs and cats, is made from 100% human grade Australian and New Zealand grass-fed beef leg bones that are slow-cooked at low temperatures for 50 hours. This gentle process maintains the highest ingredient integrity and extracts the most nutrient-dense marrow. Just add 1 teaspoon to water and serve!
Makes 60 serves.

Health Benefits:

The grass-fed beef bone gelatin, collagen protein and over 19 amino acids in this broth may assist with:

  • Better joint & bone health
  • Reduction in joint pain & inflammation
  • Healthier looking fur, skin and teeth
  • Nutrition for the building of young bones, joints and muscle
  • Increased muscle development
  • Improved digestion and gut health
  • Immunity building

How to use: 
Ideal to use to rehydrate dried foods, or simply served on its own as a nutritiously delicious bone broth drink.
Dogs under 15kg and Cats:
Mix 1 teaspoon with 250ml warm water
Dogs over 15kg:
Mix 2 teaspoons with 500ml warm water

  • Not a powder! Unlike some others on the market, this beef bone broth concentrate is never denatured or reconstituted
  • 100% Human Grade ingredients
  • Australian & NZ sourced beef bones
  • Serve warm, cold or freeze
  • Ideal for older pets, pets recovering from illness or pets who need a little encouragement to eat
  • Helps to build young bones and muscles in puppies
  • Rehydrate dried foods or mix through wet

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100% human grade beef leg (marrow) bones.


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