Cat Water 500ml


Cat Water Ph balanced urinary formula is scientifically proven to increase water consumption and support good urinary health.

  • Increase cat water consumption through the improvement of the taste of the water.
  • Perfectly balanced with a pH level between 6.2 and 6.4 to meet the specific needs of cats.
  • Free of minerals that can contribute to the formation of crystals in the urine.
  • Has a mild level of acidity, with an optimised pH level of 6.2-6.4, which is more acceptable to cat taste receptors.
  • Mineral free which eliminates sources of odour from the water.
  • Instead of chlorine, which can create odour and unpleasant taste, ozone is added to the water as an odourless and natural disinfectant.
  • Consuming more water aids the cat in producing more dilute urine and supports a healthy urinary tract.
  • Has a balanced pH of 6.2 – 6.4 that helps to promote an ideal urinary pH that does not support formation of crystals.
  • Normal tap and bottled water usually has a pH 7.2-7.8 which is too alkaline for cat’s urinary health needs.
  • Standard commercially produced distilled water has an average pH of 5.4 which is too acidic for cat’s urinary health needs.
  • Free of the minerals involved in the formation of crystals and stones in the bladder.
  • Ingesting lower levels of minerals through drinking water, assists lower levels of minerals being found in the urinary tract.

  • Catwater can be used with water fountains and in drinking bowls
  • Remember, cats prefer very clean, odourless, fresh water – provide a fresh portion of cat water in the bowl or fountain each day, rather than completely fill the bowl or fountain with a large volume
  • Water devices that use activated charcoal filters can cause a small variation in the pH level of Catwater, but it is insignificant.

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