CannaCo The George Conditioner with Hemp 250ml


Every dog has its day. For those extra special days, roll out the red carpet with The George, CannaCo’s exclusive canine conditioner. It’ll have your George looking like royalty! CannaCo’s special blend of hemp, coconut and terpenes results in a gorgeously soft shiny coat and a fresh scent of springtime sunshine. This is not just here to smell nice though – the real strength of hemp comes from its multifaceted health benefits. This scientifically formulated conditioner has been developed together with CannaCo Pet’s in-house veterinarians in order to deliver the best possible health outcome for your dog.

Clinical trials show that hemp can help with managing allergies, arthritis pain and joint inflammation, reducing skin allergies, promoting weight management, inhibiting tumour growth in cancer, lowering cardiovascular disease risks, improving cognitive disorders, contributing to healthy brains, bones and eyes, boosting immune function and repairing liver damage.

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How to Use

Wet coat thoroughly, lather in well, leave on for 5-10 minutes, rinse off well and towel dry. We recommend using this conditioner immediately after shampooing with a CannaCo Pet shampoo.



Cold-Pressed Raw Organic Hemp Oil (2%), Coconut Oil derivatives, Natural hemp proteins, hemp terpenes (2.1%).




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