High Quality Dog & Cat raw food (human grade), variety of treats and especially, the offer of different type of pet nutritional supplement are absolute amazing! Jenni has always been wonderful, helpful and thoughtful. Highly recommended local store! You sure won't be empty handed when walk out!


I love my shopping experience there with great doggy food and friendly staff . Will definitely visit again in the future.


Great shop with quality products and knowledgeable staff. Family owned too!


If you want something unique or feel like spoiling your pet, this is the place to go. Their products are amazing AND they have fantastic healthy food options as well. I go there at least once a fortnight. Just looking at all the gorgeous collars and coats is enough to put a smile on anyone's face. I find the staff very friendly and extremely helpful, and it's totally pet friendly. My great dane loves looking at the toys and always gets excited because he knows that THE PAW PRINCIPALITY means food and treats and sometimes toys!


OMG we love this place. We spoil our dog way too much and these guys are our enablers! :)


Awesome shop with unique items you can’t get anywhere else!!! Cute clothes, premium treats, super fun toys!


My cat love all the treats, completely natural, also have a lot good pet supplies.


probably the best pet store if you really want the best for your pup if youre happy to spend for quality items, super helpful and kind shop staff and owners, my pup absolutely loves everything from this shop he has!


Actually, I’m a loyal customer of The Paw Principality for abt 3 years. When I was in Sydney, I delivered some frozen dog food from this shop 2 or 3 times a month for 1 year. And last year, I was very lucky to move to Melbourne. Jenni is very friendly and her husband is also a funny guy. I appreciated they can think of pets, and take care the pets‘ healthy.


Like this store! The staff there are professional and enthusiastic. The price of raw meat in this store is cheap than the other one. This store also sell cute decorations for pets.